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I think Babylove just checked in over at the UPDATE FORUM.

Here's some other names/friends it would be nice to hear from:

mhutch1366 MaryAnn



myrnalu Marie

doggiesmom Joanie

Close to the Edge


rvillella Ralph

dcorey33 dani

There's lots more it would be nice to hear from.

Sure hope they will check in.

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I spoke with Liz13 about a week and a half ago. She was still in the hospital, and didn't have her Laptop with her.

Prays for you , Liz.

Harry isn't feeling very well at the moment. His Mom passed away, so he flew to Louisiana for her service.

The trip wore him out.

He has one more CPT-11 to do this Tuesday, then will have a CT scan on the 18th. Hoping for better results then last time.

Take care, Everyone.


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Hello All,

Its been a very long time since I posted, I come here on a daily basis, It really helps me a lot, thanks to ya all.

I am coming up on nine months since I lost my husband, holidays were hard, harder than I thought they would be. I continue to read and think of you all with great fondness. Ill try to post more.


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I've been lurking on a regular basis but not posting. Will be a 2 year survivor come March 1. Last check up (CT scan - 12/07) was NED and I now do not have to have another scan until December of this year. Doing well but busy. Prayers said nightly for all. Thanks for being here, everyone.


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Jerry -- good of you to check in! We can use more success stories like yours --- thanks!

Did hear from Bam, and her Mom is still in hospice situation. Babylove and Barb5452 did post.

I think Patti Gottlieb posted a few weeks ago. She had recovered from her broken shoulder (?). Miss her chatter around here.

Good to hear from Mary also. I know how hard this is Mary and I'm sorry.

That's all I've got right now.

Still looking for Ralph (rvillella) and others that Connie mentioned.

Anyone else?

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