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Let me also congratulate you Terrie on your 5 years... YEA... you made that mark... love it!! :mrgreen:

Also for having such a fulfilling active life. Great news about you kids. But arent' you kinda broke... 3 in college... WOW!!!

Good to hear from you with good news.

Maryanne :wink:

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Connie, I'm here! Thanks for thinking of me! My twins are starting to get their college acceptances back and we've been applying for financial aid, visiting campuses, etc. It's been crazy and I couldn't get to the boards for a few weeks.

I can't believe it - when I was first diagnosed my sons were in 4th grade and I wasn't sure I would be around for their elementary school graduation. And now in June, they will be graduating High School!

I have been truly blessed and I hope this offers others encouragement.

Thanks again for thinking of me and missing me. I am so touched and feel like I have family here ...



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Hey Alisa, WOW, it sure is GOOD to see you POST! I really was getting ready to send the troops out to find you! :wink:

WOW, isn't it GREAT that your boys are getting ready for College and YOUR here to send them off? AWESOME! You've come a LONNNNNG WAYS BABY!!!!!!! :wink:

Check in now and then, I'm just glad to see you post and know your doing well!! Makes MY DAY!!!!!! :D

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I had been worrying about Patty Gottlieb and still am. Her last post was from the beginning of February and she had a lung infection and she said chemo had stopped working.

I PM'd her last week - have heard nothing.

Lets all say a prayer she's OK.

Patti B.

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OK everyone - I am calling off the APB I put out on Patty Gottlieb. She never returned my PM but I got a hold of her daughter, Kerri (think I will become a private investigator).

Patty has been through an awful lot but is doing better. Kerri said she had pneumonia after Xmas and was in the hospital for a week. Then they did radiation to shrink her tumor and she needed a transfusion. It helped a lot with her breathing!!! But then, she developed shingles!!!

Things were coming along and then last Friday nite she fell and broke her ankle and 4 metatarsals. She will be in a cast for 6 weeks and will resume chemo. Her daughter is staying with her during the week.

Phew!!! She sure has gone through a lot but I am so glad she is OK. Guess we all need to say prayers that she continues to be on the road to recovery!!

Hugs to you all - Patti B.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi Connie,

Thanks for thinking of me

I've been doing well, due in a month or so for a

CT for my four year anniversary and am feeling very positive about it.

Spending a great deal of my time caring for my brother and mother who are both very ill.

Thank you for all you do to help the wonderful people on this web site! It's people like you who keep it functioning.


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Hi, still here. I check in on everyone nearly every day but don't post often. My 5 year mark was March 10th and I seem to keep on keeping on. I feel very blessed.

So many of us that are "old timers" etc are gone now and I miss them very much. So glad that we have this place to learn, grow and make friends. Keeping you all in my prayers.


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Dear All,

Has anyone heard from Meadow? She used to send me daily messages which were so uplifting, and very caring. Last I heard, she was in pain :( .

I sent two emails, and a private message. I know she belonged to another board with the screen name of "Meadowbreeze," and is known here as "Meadow."

She lives in New Jersey.

Her messages ceased about three-four weeks ago.



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I spoke to her last week. She still has a lot of pain, but has times when it's not as bad. She had a bout with the flu, and recovered from that. I'll try to update you until her computer is back running and she can update you herself.

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Thank you, Alisa, I am so glad it's computer issues. I was hoping it was something to do with the PC.

Please let her know that I miss her upbeat mailings, and have her in my thoughts..

Also, am so sorry to know that she had the flu.


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Hi Barbara (and all ...)

I just spoke to Linda. Here's the update: good news ...

She got the results of her latest CT scan - STABLE!! YAY!! There's no shrinkage, but NO new nodules and NO growth.

In fact, Linda is so stable, that when I called her this morning, I reached her while she was on the beach in Aruba 8)

She thanks you for all your concern and will be back posting when she returns home and deals with the computer issue.

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Thank you so much for letting us know.

What very GOOD news and to picture Linda bathing on a beach in Aruba, well, it doesn't get much better than that. :D

Also, the report on STABLE certainly made my day!

It's nice to know that we may be communicating when she returns, and is feeling up to it.


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