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Newbie to this board, glad to find you!

Farmor's Son

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I'm a newbie to this board, but am a member of several other boards for hobbies.

So this is certainly my first of many posts!

I was looking for "this board", and glad I found it. I know it can be very helpful for the road that we are just beginning.

My mom is 73, and just got an intial "diagnosis" of lung cancer, and a guesstimate that's it's type 3 to 4...., the answers are still to come, it's happening very quickly.

First appt. with the oncologist is next Tues the 12th.

As you can imagine a lot has happened in the last few weeks leading up to this. A lot of tears and sadness, but mom's got a great support group of friends and family, my dad's in great health, we all live close by each other, and we live in Seattle where we have quite a few options.

We are hoping for the best, and I'm looking forward to "talking" with you!


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Well, Eric, those of us here know exactly where you are at this time and the feelings you're experiencing. As you read through the posts here, you will find that there is much hope and that LC can be treated successfully. Hopefully mom will get all the necessary tests and scans and get a plan in place soon. Then you'll find things start to fall into place for you. Good luck.


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Hi, Eric, welcome to the group!

You found the absolute best place on the Web for lung cancer support -- first-hand accounts by patients and family members about specific conditions and treatments, lots of helpful hints, and plenty of perspective. For more detailed medical information, we highly recommend onctalk.com, which is constantly updated by Dr. West of the Swedish Cancer Institute in Seattle. I just finished telling new member Renate about OncTalk, and you can read that here:

http://lchelp.org/l_community/viewtopic ... highlight=

Let us know what the oncologist says next Tuesday. Whoever goes with your mom should take notes or use a voice recorder or both. There will be lots of new terminology, and it's easy to miss something that could be significant.

Best wishes and Aloha,


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Welcome, Eric. I'm sorry to hear about your Mom's diagnosis, but glad you found us. The outlook for lung cancer now is much more positive than it used to be. We have many members who have lived long productive lives with cancer or have been cured. Please let us know what you learn at the Onc. appt. this week.


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Just wanted to say hello from another Seattle-ite. We are fortunate to have some fine doctors and facilities here. Your mom will receive the best care available anywhere.

We also have a local support group specific to lung cancer patients, their families and caregivers. There is absolutely no cost for this and you can meet with other patients and caregivers on a one-to-one basis for questions and information. Email me if you are interested.

The road you are about to travel is rough, but I'm glad you are here to receive information, care and fellowship. Your mom will be included in my prayers.

Michael Lewis


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Hi and welcome here Eric. Sorry you had to find us but you found the most supportive and knowledgeable people on the web.

We know how scared you are when you hear a diagnosis like that. But please know the LC is NOT a death sentence. There are so many treatments that is one does not work they will try another.

There are many, many survivors on this board. Some given grim stasticts as months, and it has been years and they are still here.

When you get a chance post your moms profile that will appear on the bottom of you posts. You can keep updating it as she progresses. Click on My profile above and go to Signature and that is where you add her profile.

Please know that we are always here for any questions you may have, or support you may need or just to vent.


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