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Chemo question


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hello everyone,

I am wondering if anyone can tell me approximately how long the effects of chemo linger after treatment is finished? My mom had her last treatment on Dec. 17th and still has tingling in her hands and feet. (I know there's a special word for this, but I can't think of it right now! :D ) Of course it is different for everyone, but she's just wondering about how long she can expect to have some of the side effects.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!


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The word is neuropathy. It is caused by the Taxol. The tingling will get less over a period that cold be up to a year. It may not go away completely. I have had this since I started my chemo in 2005. I do get acupuncture weekly it may help a little. It really does not bother me much.

Stay positive, :)


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A low dose (two 100mg capsules per day) of Neurontin was very helpful for my peripheral neuropathy, which was primarily in the feet and came on rather suddenly during the 6th Taxol cycle. The tingling diminished considerably within a few days, but it took several months before it went away completely.

I see your mom had great results from her treatments. Wonderful!



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Hi Maryea,

Sorry to hear that this is happening for your Mom. Peripheral neuropathy is caused by many chemo agents including Carboplatin, although typically not to the degree that Cisplatin does. The combo of carbo/taxol can be challenging for some people in this area.

Our oncologist started my husband on B-6 (not to exceed 600 mgs per day) before starting this particular combo. Although he had enough chemo to choke a horse, he took 400 mg per day during this therapy, and he never had any neuropathy issues. Might want to put your Mom on some B-6 to see if that will help heal these nerve issues after the fact. Always clear all vitamins/supplements with her oncologist though, as my husband's oncologist did change his thinking midway through and wanted him to take as little as possible to get by. He ended up down to 200 mg per day.

I hope this will be a passing phase for her!


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