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Stage I - good prognosis?


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I talked to my pulmo today about the "what if's" and he said that even if my nodule turns out to be cancer, it's curable because it's so early. He made it seem so easy. Is he completely delusional or is that based on fact? Because it seems that as I'm reading some of the stories here, even Stage I patients seem to have recurrences. Am I reading this correctly?

Thanks :)

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Thank you all. I understand what you're saying. I think attitude is probably 99% of it. Look at me, I don't even know anything for sure and I'm already freaking out. I don't know how strong I can be through this if I do get diagnosed. I have so many other chronic health issues that I don't have room for one more!! But when I start to feel sorry for myself, I'm struck by guilt because so many of you are so much younger than me so I have no room for complaining.

I have to say the past week has been a huge lesson for me in letting go and using visualization and mind control to imagine the best and not give into the fear. So far, I'm failing that lesson because I've been worrying!! But I have had moments where I'm actually concentrating on quality of living and having fun. And really no matter what I hear from the doctor tomorrow, the only thing I can do is concentrate on having a quality life and spending time with people I love. So much of the other stuff isn't in my hands.

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