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Welcome Bill & Sue Spencer

Connie B

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Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 5:34 pm Post subject:

2/8/08Hi We are Bill and Sue Spencer Bill was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer May 2007(both lungs/brain/lymph nodes/adrenal gland/spine/ribs) and it has almost all cleared up except some nodules in the lung...and some new nodules also grew - this was seen on the Jan scans. I think the reason that Bill is still alive right now is because we also took him to an outstanding nutrionist who felt it was important to make the immune system/body strong to endure the radiation and chemotheraphy..we did not find him until Sept 07 when we almost lost the battle due to his severe weakness- all we were told is this is normal. By the miracle of God, we were led to a nutrionist. As of last Wednesday, Bill is now in a Clinical III trial and he is getting chemo by pill daily and Avastin by iv every three weeks. We have a lot of confidence in this theraphy because his immune system is stronger now and this should help the rest of his therapies to work... Feel free to ask us questions on what he is taking. The vitamins/minerals are Perque brand and can only be administered by a doctor. We feel there is hope now! Bill and Sue


Welcome Bill and Sue, I have moved your message into it's very own thread. You had posted your message on Janet B's (message) you clicked on Reply)

When posting a NEW message, at the TOP of the PAGE you'll see where it says NEW TOPIC, Click on that to start a NEW Message. We're here to help you in many ways. I didn't want your very important message to get overlooked in someone's thread.

I'm very sorry you had to find us, but I'm very glad we're here to help you. You will find a GREAT DEAL of SUPPORT and INFORMATION here.

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A aIG thank you to Billfor The Clnical trial. I hold folks in these trials in high esteem for making a decision to try above and beyond the normal protocol for treatments. Bill is in my book as a PIONEER in the battle for a cure for Lung cancer. Glad things are moving along quite well ad Please keep us updated t does sound like a very good treatment plan....

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Hi Bill and Sue-

Welcome to this forum - its a great place with many wonderful people to help you through your journey.

Glad that Bill's treatment and nutrional supplements are helping him so much - that is quite inspiring o the rest of us. What exactly is he taking?? And its good to know that they are MD approved as there is so much on the internet that is not approved.

Keep us posted and keep up the good work!!

Patti B.

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