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Made it thru day 1 of the clean out


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well I made it without too many tears and sadness, Thank goodness i wasnt alone cuz I wanted to touch and hold anything that was moms. We are gonna put all the photos and stuff in a box and have a cook out with all the family in the summer and then we can reminisce and have fun looking at how much younger(thinner,cuter,handsome ect.) we all were. We only have 3 weeks to get dad all moved out cuz I dont want him to have to pay rent on 2 places.Maybe its good that we have a time constraint cuz I dont think I will ever be ready to let some stuff go. I guess as long as everything stayed the same as when she was alive I felt that maybe it would all be a bad dream and I would wake to hear her voice again. Anyway....just wanted to say thanks for being here and Randy I am going to leave a photo of my Mom and Dad in the attic I like the idea of always knowing they will be there together.

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I went to my dads again yesterday to do some more cleaning out and made a little progress. I am having a hard time throwing away anything that was clearly my Moms. I find myself keeping anything that has her writing(even scraps of paper with phone #'s or notes). We did get to all the closets and clothes my Mom had and I have a patient at my pharmacy that is about the same size as my mom and she is not very well off and I was able to give her a bunch of new clothes and jackets and stuff and she was so grateful. I am sure Mom and her would have been great friends if they had met and I think my Mom would be ok with me giving the things to her. I think though that I will not ever be able to do this without any one else being there cuz I will save everything. Thank God for my sisters and my dad to keep me on an even keel.

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That's great about finding someone to take the clothes. My Mom had TONS of clothes and shoes and I'm at a loss for what to do with them. Everytime I see someone as little as she was at the end, I want to offer them to her--because that size were very new! I just don't want to "throw away" things that she worked hard to have. Oh well, I'm still looking. I'm sure you Mom would approve of you giving them to someone that can use them. I know my Mom would.

I know what you mean about keeping every scrap of paper with her writing! I AM doing that because I'm all alone. But I divide it initially and then go back through it. I'm heading over there today...we'll see how well I do. :roll:

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I will be thinking of you today. I hope you can make some progress. I was thinking that maybe you could check with a local hospital or nursing home to see if they have any ideas on what to do with your Moms clothes. My daughter is a nurse at a nursing home and she tells me the little old ladies love new clothes. Maybe someone could arrange a "shopping" day for them and they can pick what they like. I hate that any of us ever have to deal with this. Wishing you luck.

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You are making many people happy

with the clothes.

I still have after 33 years something

of her in each room and next month

for the 60th anniversary of their

wedding a couple asked me for a cut

glass plate my mon had, will be happy

to part with it as it will be kept by

them and later by one of their children,

it will go well on the dining room table

from my mother that I gave them when she


You see how long it took me to part

with things........and I still have plenty


Heart breaking when you do it but so rewarding

in times to come.



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Cheryl, I will check out the nursing home idea. I like that and I pass several on my way to work every day.

I didn't get much cleaned out today...except for stuff I wanted! And some paperwork type stuff that needed to be destroyed. And some sweaters for Mom's sister that I will mail Monday. I guess every little bit counts but it doesn't look much different!

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