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Gratitude - February 12th 2008


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Already lost my post,

good start for the day.

Grateful for the help I got

yesterday, help not wanted

or needed.


Don't worry if you start

losing your memory.

Just forget about it.

Many complain of their

memory, few of their judgment.

(Benjamin Franklin)


When you are over the hill,

you pick up speed.


Have a good day.


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I am grateful I got through the "monstrosity" which is what I call the 4 drawer file cabinet I've been trying to empty so I could move it out of the house. Yesterday I emptied it and my son helped take it to the road--someone picked it up and now it lives in a new home. Space-- gotta love it.

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Grateful for my wonderful (who already has way too much on their plate) friend who takes the time and effort to call me everyday no matter what to check on me and encourage me. Also does not mind razing :P:lol: me on the many errors of my ways which is a good thing-- laughter is the best medicine. I'm very blessed/fortunate and having a friend like that is priceless!

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