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20 Years Ago Today

Connie B

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20 Years ago today I lost my best friend, and the most beautiful sister in my world to lung cancer. Her name was Bonnie (Michaud) Weeks) Beard, and she was 43 years old when she took her wings.

After all this time, I still miss her, but I will never let her memory die within me. She lived 43 years and I don't want to forget any of those wonderful years that she lived. Such wonderful times we had.

Rock On Bon! I know you are one happy Angel. :wink:

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Want to give ya A big warm blanket out of the dryer hug today Connie! Hope the good memories make things a little easier in coping wiht the loss!


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You know Val, We never did get in any trouble. She was pretty straight and narrow! She was 8 years older the I, but and she was my second oldest sister out of 3. There are 4 of us girls! She and I looked alike, acted a like, we were very much alike compared to my other two sisters. She and I use to LOVE TO DANCE and we use to LOVE to sing together. We use to jitterbug together. She and I and my third oldest sister use to dream of being like the Lennon Sisters. We use to sing when we would be cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. Those were the good old days.

I do however remember my dad yelling at Bonnie and I to stop dancing on the living-room carpet or we were going to wear it out! (he was serious)!

Thanks for asking Val. You just brought back some good times. Although I always focus on the good times we had.

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