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Mine is bigger than yours..


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Hi Connie - OK I concede yours is bigger than mine... :D

Thanx for the response..

Boy they sure put you thru the ringer, I doubt if it will ever get that bad for me as I'm now in my 70's and will soon be ready for the box anyway..

My Mum (Mom) lived till she was 93 (last year) and survived 3 cancers "Colon" "Breast" and "Lymph Gland"..

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some of her longevity has rubbed off on me...


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Welcome to the forum. This is the best place in the world to be to find support and the absolute best people to support you!!

I have no knowledge that I can share about surgeries as I have had none - only chemo for almost 1 1/2 years but wanted to welcome you!!

Stay strong - never give up!!!

Patti B.

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