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kicked in the chest feeling


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Yall know what I mean. :( I was doing so well. I worked at Mom and Dad's house yesterday just doing preliminary cleaning out (three hours and barely made a dent!). But I tried to be strong and walk around with a critical eye and throw out definiate trash. At work today, we get a recycled fax machine in our department and we're so excited! Then we find the manual on it so we can change the date, etc. On the front was written the name of the office company we use, the model number and toner number--and it was my Mom's writing. :cry: It had been in the department that she worked in...and I knew that, but the writing on the book just knocked the breath out of me. I was at her house and saw "her" all over but when I saw the book, I just started crying. My supervisor said "what's wrong? You don't have to reset it right now, if you don't want to" ((LOL)) But when I pointed to the writing she understood because she lost her Mom several years ago.

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I think mom was sending you a sign, what do you think? Maybe she was telling you something ~ and only you will know what that might be. Maybe something like 'I'm still with you'?

I STILL have a note my own mother wrote me in college.....that was more years ago than I care to fess up to. Still brings me closer to her when I see it. She died 23 years ago tomorrow.


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