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Good News, Bad News


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Let's get it over with. What's the bad news?

I'm going to have to cut back on my ice cream.

Why -- are you packing in too many calories?

No more than I have been, but I think my metabolism is moving back to the way it was before I got cancer. I've already cut out most of the high-cal stuff I added last year, and my weight is still creeping up. I'm afraid my cancer is not burning the calories like it was.

So what's the problem?

I really love ice cream.

You had a scan last week -- what did it show?

Well, a few quotes: "No significant change in irregular approximate 3.8 x 2.8 cm right upper lung consolidation...essentially stable mild right pleural effusion with anterior basilar loculation...stable to slightly improved patchy/nodular densities...previous small lateral right upper-mid lung nodules no longer seen...subpleural density or pleural calcification is less prominent...left lung clear...normal heart size...no aortic aneurysm...slight decrease in size of a few subcentimeter mediastinal lymph nodes...no evidence of metastatic disease..."

Are you disappointed that the 3.8 x 2.8 thing isn't smaller?

I admit, it would be nice for it to be gone.

Okay then, what's the good news?

I just told you! Remember, STABLE IS GOOD!



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You know it......stable is GREAT news, Ned. And I do totally sympathize about the ice cream :? . It's been SO long since I ate a candy bar or chocolate peanut butter cake, and STILL I can't lose even ONE of the 30 pounds I've gained :cry: . Small price to pay, don't you think?

Can you drop in the Pub?The drinks are no cal and come with umbrellas especially for our favorite Hawaiian friends!!!


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I have gained 21 pounds since I started on chemo - and every time I go I have added a pound but my doc always tells me weight gain is GOOD - it shows the cancer is not consuming the calories. But, he has told me that gives you fuel to fight and something to fall back on should you need it. So-------- the way I feel, the stores sell bigger pants so I just need to go there more often!!!!

I recommend Haggan-Dass Ice Cream (I know I spelled it wrong) Its mighty good!!!!


Patti B

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