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Good News, Bad News


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Ned: Not surprised by the deluge of congrats you got. You are a ray of sunshine on this site. Add mine to the others. But really, I know those "stable" returns just stick in your craw sometimes when you really want more--my experience exactly. But we have to be grateful for what we get--STABLE REALLY IS GREAT!

I'm not happy to hear from you and so many others about the weight gain issue. I worked sooooo hard to lose 15 lbs on weightwatchers online just before my dx. I'm now within four pounds of having gained it all back. Sorry, but I'm not giving up ice cream until the mint chocolate chip in the freezer is gone.

Cheers again on the great scan.

Judy in Key West

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Ned, congratulations on a stable report, man. That's awesome news.

As far as the ice cream, I'm with ya. I've been doing weight watchers since January and hitting the gym 3x a week. I'm down 36 pounds. It sounds awesome till I starting thinking about how much I need to lose . . .

But ice cream? Mmmmmmmm . . . I wish.

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"ChristineT" ...I am sure you can cheat a little and fit ice cream into your diet somewhere...

As I was telling the chat group today, I noticed our scale didn't quite drop to zero when not in use, and after some adjustment I had a spare pound to play with after dinner. It's a good thing, because it would have been a shame for that new container of vanilla bean to go unopened. But I'm already getting worried about next time -- maybe a long afternoon walk will do the trick tomorrow. Aloha,


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