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Husband has Stage 3B NSCLC (Squamous Cell Carcinoma)


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Hello, My name is Mary and my husband is the one with the cancer. He doesn't do the computer. I have been looking in here for a while.

I will, in time, try to shorten up the dates below. I wanted it down so you knew what was going on and save some questions. Actually I am rather surprised I even got it on. :)

I do have questions and I may pick the wrong section to put them in and it is fine if you have to move them. I am not sure between the 'early stage', 'general', and 'NSCLC and Me_ _ _'. If early stages is the lung stages then I know not there. Think I will go to the NSCLC with my questions.

I often will post what is later evening where I am. Will sometimes not read replies until next evening. Depends on my schedule.


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Welcome Mary. I'm glad you found us. I think we can offer lots of support, ideas, etc. You did a good job entering your profile. I like the bold-face dates. That makes it a lot easier to read. Maybe you do want to shorten it later, but for now my suggestion is to keep it just as it is. The information really is helpful to people trying to answer questions.

It looks as tho. you and your husband have been trying to solve his health problem for five months. I'm sorry it took so long to get things set up, tests performed, and answers from doctors. That must have been terribly frustrating.

I had carbo and taxol the first time I had chemo. I didn't have radiation along with it tho. Everyone seems to have different side effects - some have lots of them, and some very few and pretty mild. Hope your husband tolerates this ok.

Please feel free to ask us lots of questions. Someone will know the answers to them. You can post them just about anyplace, but I'd suggest the Survivors, NSCLC & Meso., or General boards for most questions. Be sure to check out the jokes, etc on the Just for Fun board, too.

Let us know how your husbands first chemo session goes. Good luck.


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Hi, Mary, welcome to the group! Reading your profile, I was getting frustrated with the crossed signals right along side of you. But things should be settling down now that treatment is about to start. I also had Taxol/Carboplatin, but since I didn't have radiation, my sessions were 3 weeks apart instead of the weekly infusion your husband will be getting in combination with the "daily" radiation.

I noticed you also posted in the NSCLC forum, so I'll move there and see if I can help you find answers to some of your questions.



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