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I haven't posted in some time. Maybe a couple of months. Mainly because my mom has been doing SO WELL that I've just been busy hanging out with her. We've almost forgotten she has cancer. My profile hasn't been updated...but to jolt memories and to introduce myself to new members......My mom was diagnosed last May...Stage 4, inoperable Non-Small cell, Adenocarcinoma Lung cancer. PET showed cancer in 7 areas. Original tumor was 5cm.

Well.....here it is February 2008. 10 months later. Her most recent CT scan showed that the chemo has DRASTICALLY killed the cancer. The original tumor is barely detectable. There are no other signs of cancer in her body. She is feeling GREAT! And we are headed to Jamaica in May. She was forced to cancel a trip to Jamaica last May because of her diagnosis. She has rescheduled, and I have invited myself and my 2 daughters....her only grandkids and the loves of her life! We are taking the trip with Mom's sister, my cousin, Mom's best friend, my 2 daughters (5 & 8 ) and myself. Mom's 3 other friends will meet us down there for the last week. I'm staying 2 weeks and Mom & my aunt are staying 3 + weeks.

Because of her AWESOME CT scan last week, her oncologist and pulmonary doctors have given her the OK to get back in shape. They said her CT scan is all but a miracle and that now "it's time to fight the cancer from the inside....with nutrition and exercise..."

I never thought she would improve this much. I was so, so scared. But now, all of this has brought us closer. She is truly my best friend. And we are joined at the hip. We workout daily together at the gym and take long walks with our dogs. Getting our beach bodies ready for Jamaica! =)

As for the cancer, we know it's not gone. We know that the original tumor has shrunk but is still there. But we are living life to the fullest now. And Mom is back to herself. If anyone remembers, my mom's pulmonary dr. thought she had 3 weeks to live last summer. But after an emergency room visit that lead to 11 days in the hospital, they found that she had an absess around her tumor and a HORRIBLE infection in her lung surrounding the tumor. Once that was cleared up, she finished 5 cycles of chemo....and here she is today. In January I threw the BIGGEST 60th surprise party for her. I invited 50, expected 35....but got 75! She is so loved by so many. It was the best evening. She cried, hugged and laughed all night!

So, I am a believer now. This cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence. No matter what stage people are diagnosed. My mom has shocked her doctors again and again. They throw statistics at her and she fires back with her strength. I believe that she will continue to shock them. They can take those numbers...those time frames.....and shove 'em where the sun don't shine. =)

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OMG!!! I am so happy for you both. Your mom is an absolute inspiration to all of us. I think sometimes we really do need to be reminded that this is NOT the death sentence we all thought it would be.

I will continue to keep you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers that she continues to kick some big time cancer butt!! Hope you enjoy your trip - God knows you both deserve it so much!!

Keep us posted ---- Patti B.

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What a wonderful, encouraging story!! I really hope the newbies and others read this post as it is so inspiring. :mrgreen:

Yes, LC is Not necessarily a death sentence there is always hope and so many different treatments.

I know you and your family and friends will have the most wonderful time in Jamaica. 8)

Hey, you have room for me in your suitcase? :D

Look what a difference a year makes!!!!

Maryanne :wink:

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Wow! Congratulations to your Mom and your family. That is such wonderful news! I just shared this with my father who has been down in the dumps lately, and you have just restored his hope and renewed his spirit to fight. I am grateful that you posted with this news! I wish for you the trip of a lifetime.

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