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Update on my Mother......Collapsed Lung


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I took Mom for her Ct on Monday morning (Feb 11) and this time she did not get sick on the table as they did not make her drink the liquid. That was a good thing.

Went to the cancer center yesterday for the results and were told that she has a collapsed lung and she will be going back today at 1pm to set up her regimen for radiation to the lung.

Apparently the tumor is partially blocking her airway in the lung and the doctor beleives that the radiation will clear this up.

Has anyone here experienced this? Mom has been feeling good (especially since her hair is growing back so nicely) and is on the go whenever she can. I have ben researching ALL NIGHT on radiation side-effects to the lung and am interested in hearing from anyone I can.

My husband and I went out to lunch with my Mom and Dad yesterday and she said she will do whatever it takes to fight this. She is pretty positive about this as she had NO side effects from her brain radiation besides a little fatigue.

We go back this afternoon at 1pm and will let everyone know what is going on tomorrow......

she is so strong...and brave

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My Mom had radiation along with the chemo. It really wore her out. I always say radiation is "sneaky" because you don't "feel" anything as you have it--unlike the chemo. She had 4 weeks of intense radiation to the neck and chest and she was very tired. It also burned her skin very bad. Put some Aloe Vera gel in the refrig. We would put in on as soon as we got home. We saw amazing results with the neck mass shrinking almost before our eyes from the radiation. And my Mom's collapsed and obliterated lung actually opened up some much to the surprise of her radiation oncologist.

Your Mom will do great! Sounds like she is a strong woman!

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Thanks so much for the reply and will make sure we get the Aloe. Did burning start after first treatment?

Mom gave away all her boost and ensure when she was feeling better in october and we will have to stock up again. I am so sorry about your Mom and any other information you could share with me I would appreciate.

Did you start using the Aloe on day one? Were there certain foods she found easier to eat?

thanks again and prayers to all

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Hi Betty,

I did have chest radiation for 28 days. I didn't suffer any real sideeffects from the radiation. My docs were sure I would have problems with my esophogus and swallowing - but it never happened. My skin didn't get burnt and I was a little tired, although I am not sure if that was because of the radiation, the chemo or both.

As far as treating the radiation burns (if you have any) check with your doc for remedies. I know I was told not to come to radiation with any type of lotions on.

Good luck to your mom and keep us posted on how she is doing.


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My Mom's skin didn't burn at first, it was after about a week. It itched first. Definately check with your Mom's doc about what she can put on and when. You don't want to scrub on the skin real hard, so you don't want anything too heavy on there. Our clinic recommended the Aloe first and when it began to really burn they gave out Aquafor. Once it blistered I did my own research and begged for something called Biafine. But don't worry, our clinic said they had never seen burns as bad as my Mom's. And it was mostly on her neck and just a few spots on her back where she had had bandages. I'm giving you worst case senerio for sure, but you asked!! :) My Mom also had medicine to prevent esophogeal burns--her doc started her on that right away and she didn't experience any problems inside her throat...just outside. And we were told that the radiation continues to work for months after the last treatment.

As far as food went, she ate whatever she wanted--she was also getting chemo. I did get her to drink the Carnation Instant Breakfasts. She hated the Ensure and Boost.

Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.


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Wendy & Leslie -

Thank you so much for your replies and appreciate your help during this time. I forwarded both responses to my parents, brothers and SILS to be aware of both scenarios.

At the doctors yesterday he told us he will be targeting two spots and she will go in for a new CT on Monday - FLAT BOARD? with no contrast etc to better locate the areas and he said that we will start radiation next week for sure.

He said 5 weeks for a total of 25 treatments and may go 2 weeks on and 1 week off if she gets uncomfortable or suffers any pain. She asked if she could still drive and he said yes.

Talked about esophogeal burning and how she may have problems swallowing and said she may get a rash/burn on her chest from this. Mom is ready to go..she is so strong. thanks again Ladies and will have more details after I talk to Mom this morning.

Do patients with SC ever get to take any of these chemo pills I read about in so many of the user profiles???

thanks again and love.....

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As for radiation treatments, I had 36 sessions of them 12+ years ago. I did get somewhat of a sorethroat and had some problems swollowing, but it didn't come on until the last 2 weeks of my treatments. They have a magic mouthwash that helps some if they can't swollow, but it didn't do much good for me. But the soreness didn't last all that long and it wasn't that bad for me. COLD things helped for my throat.

I did get some redness in my chest area, but again, nothing major for me. Some people depending on there skin, can get pretty burned or red. They will give you idea's for creams for the burning if it happens from her doc's office.

I drove myself to my treatments the last 2 months. That was chemo & radiation. I look back now and say, not such a good idea, but it wasn't because of the radiation, it was because of the chemo. But, thank God I made it. I know a lot of people who drive themselves to radiation treatments and have no problems.

I don't think they offer Tarceva or the other pill form meds to SCLC patients. BUT, don't quote me, ask Dr. West. He's the man that has those answers.

Best wishes to your mom. She's sounds like a fighter and that's half of this battle! :wink:

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