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Where's Our Annie??


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Annie Roo... Come out, come out wherever you are? We havn't heard from you since Feb 1st, that's not like you

You better check in lady...don't like when you are AWOL without a hallpass. :roll:

I hope you're just busy with the new baby. Still waiting for a picture.

Maryanne :wink:

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Thanks so much for missing me!!! Between worrying about the work situation and being sick, I just haven't been up to computer time. So very sorry!!!

Although I had my flu shot, as I do every year, I had a really nasty bout of the flu that lasted two weeks. Yesterday was my first time out of the house in two weeks. All that time being sick just gave me more time to worry about the work situation and it sure doesn't help to even turn on the television and hear about how bad the economy is either! I really think my mental state made it hard for me to get over the bug. Usually, I bounce back really fast. I'm really working at getting my head together but the job outlook kere is so very grim. There are no jobs to be found. Even McDonalds here are laying off workers. So...I'll be back posting here and I just know you guys will all help me to keep my chin up!!!

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Wow Ann, I sure was out in left field as to where you were. I'm sorry you were down for the sick count. ISHY! I'm glad your back on the mend.

As for the working world, well........ it's not looking to hot anywhere these days, but I'll keep you in my prayers that something will pop up.

They say now days to find a job you need to look on the Inernet. The way of the newspaper and job employment has gone by the weigh-side. Times are a changing. Hope something pops up real soon for you. CHIN UP, CHIN UP, CHIN UP, DEEP BREATH IN, and BLOW IT OUT, AND CHIN UP!!! :wink:

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