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Update on Alan, Good appointment


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I will admit I haven't been this nervous for one of

Alan's appointments in a long time, but it went well. Alan had another transfusion last friday and since then Alan's counts have gone back up and it appears the 1 week on 2 weeks of cycle is working. So we will complete another cycle and then have a PET/CT done to see how well Alan responded to treatment. I am relieved beyond words and as Dr. Mahmood put it Alan is one of the most unpredictable patients he has ever had. The surprises keep coming, but at least this was a good surprise. We will continue to monitor his blood counts every week to insure Alan remains stable. His weight does continue to be an issue and Alan is down to 139 pounds. So he is down 12 pounds since Dec 20th.

Dr. Mahmood asked me how I thought Alan was doing, and I told him for the first time since Alan was diagnosed I could not give him an answer. That I honestly do not know how Alan is doing. So we will wait for the all important PET scan in the next couple of weeks and see were Alan is at. If there is a good response we will lower the dosage of the chemo and Alan will probably take 4 more cycles.

So I feel as if a 2 ton weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can relax for the time being.

Thank you for your contined support and prayers

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Great news this morning, Debbie!!!! Alan is certainly one REMARKABLE guy!!!! If you need any tips on getting some weight on him, just ask me. I've been having NO trouble doing it ~ and I'm TRYING to do just the opposite. Seems I got the secret :? ! My wishes are for Alan to feel better and better and become that 'fat' cow we hear about here! Good luck and have a wonderful reprieve for now!


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Hi Debi,

I was so great to read your post. That is such encouraging news and as you said a ton of your shoulders.

Now you have to fatten him up!! Hopefully if his counts are up he will get his appitite back.

Thanks for the good news and looking forward to more in the near future.

Maryanne :wink:

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