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Shout out!!


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Hey friends!!

Playing for a Cure is right around the corner...I am so excited...

If you would like an award given in honor of someone give me a shout out and let me know... Here is what I have at present.

What we will do this year is have a picture of each award given in front of the power point so all of my long distance buddies can have that...

1.The Melissa Zagon Memorial Award---Band Award

2.The Richard Kaufman Honorary Award---Solo Award

3.The Vic Infortuno Memorial Award----Solo Award

4.The John Molyneaux memorial Award--Solo Award

5.The Donna Prevost Memorial Award---Band Award

6.The Laurianne's Hope Memorial Award---Band Award

7.The Tony Yeargin Memorial Award---Band Award

8.The Joe Toma Honorary Award---Band Award

9.The Atul Shukla Honorary Award---Solo Award

10.The Jessee Dewey Memorial Award---Ensemble Award

11.The William Slovacek Memorial Award---Band Award

12.The Peggy Dorsey Honorary Award---Band Award

13.The Dave Grant Memorial Award---Solo Award

14.The Shirley Ervin Honorary Award--Band Award

15.The Thomas Cox Jr Memorial Award--Ensemble Award

16.The Harold Crowe Memorial Award---Ensemble Award

17.The Kasey Long Honorary Award--Band Award--Sponsored by John Casablanca Modeling Agency because you are beautiful inside and out....goes to the Most Congenial participant selected by the solo judges...

18. The Sally Hitchcock Honorary Award---Ensemble Award

19. The Joanie Wallach Memorial Award---Ensemble Award

20. The Ferninand Malone Jr Memorial Award---

***We have room for many more***

What we will do this year is have a picture of each award given in front of the power point so all of my long distance buddies can have that...

If you would like to make a donation, you may do so at http://www.lungevity.org/content/?secti ... 2&page=512

Every little bit helps and lung cancer research needs all the help it can get.

Thanks my friends and I look forward to talking with you!!!!

God Bless!


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The Shirley Irving Honorary Award has been added...

Participating bands include:

Bellevue Church Fine Arts Program Victory Band Bellevue Intermediate Band

Colonial Blue Band

Colonial Red Band

Overton Symphonic Band

Germantown Middle Band

Horn Lake Middle

Ridgeway High School Band

White Station Middle Beginning

White Station Middle Advanced

Lake Cormorant Middle

Sherwood Middle

That's 13 bands with some other possiblities...Averageing around 50 kids per group, that would be around 600 kids!!!

I keep praying that one of these students will grow up and find a cure or at least a treatment that will take the intense fear out of having this disease and make it chronic....

We have alot of bands so we need alot of awards..Please consider sponsoring an award. It's very simple all we ask is that you donate what is comfortable for or the amount that will pay for the award... I can promise you that it will bring a smile to a kid's or teacher's face when they receive it and the name on that award will live on in the heart of that child or be displayed at the school of the winning band program.

Hope to hear from you!!


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