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Recovery is Slow


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I have been home from the hospital now for a week and a couple days and I am soo impatient to feel better. Although Physical Therapy comes twice a week, I cannot seem to do many exercises and my progress is very slow. If the weather here would be warmer I could try and walk outdoors but it is still cold here in the Northeast. I just want to be better and resume living again but as the nurse told me this morning it could take 6 weeks before I feel better. It is days like today though that I think it will take all year. The big question is will I feel well enough to go back to work in 7 weeks when my short term disability runs out? I hope so. Anyhow, I am grateful to be alive but still complaining anyhow. I need encouragement.


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I'm sending you LOTS of encouragement, Lilly. Try to keep plugging along. I totally understand the wanting to feel better SOON. I went through those same feelings after my surgery. It seemed to take FOREVER to start to feel I was on the upward swing. The good news is........that it DID come. And ya know what???? Once it started, it really improved quite rapidly then.

The worry over work is something that cannot be ignored, I know. But you just gotta take one step at a time and BELEIVE you WILL get there. That's what I'm going for anyway, Lilly. Worry won't change it. Maybe there are some steps you could be taking ~ or at least investigating right now while you have the time ~ to alleviate future troubles. Don't know about that. Just know that I've been cheeering you on through ALL your 'adventures' and I haven't been disappointed yet.

It WILL be better than this, Lilly, it WILL. In the meantime, take it easy and be sure to be doing all the things you are supposed to be doing right now. And when you get cranky and disheartened, you just come right here and allow us to lift you right back up again.


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Hi, Lilly!

Well, my approach might seem tedious to some people, but if it were me, I'd make a chart. :D

Left to right is time, perhaps marked in 1-week intervals starting when you entered the hospital and ending on April 7 (your back-to-work target) or later. Bottom to top is how capable you are, with the bottom being flat-on-your-back in ICU hooked up to a respirator and the top being reasonably normal and the vertical intervals marked either in percentages or with specific abilities -- walk without assistance, pick up and carry items, get through the equivalent of a workday without needing to nap, actively participate in discussions, etc., depending on what your work entails. One of the upper lines, probably a little short of the top "normal," would be the point at which you're able to perform the duries of your job.

Then if you start drawing your progress up to the present time, you'll probably see that your rate of improvement should get you to the "ready for work" point with time to spare!

It's like being overwhelmed with countless things to do for the holidays with requirements constantly running through your head and thinking you'll never have time to finish them all. If you take a few minutes to make a list, then create a makeshift calendar or schedule, things fall into place and a lot of the mental stress is relieved.

Making calendars and flowcharts is one of those few areas where I actually DO take my own advice. Besides, I enjoy playing with Excel and am constantly amazed that it's a Microsoft product. :lol:



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Lilly - the weather here in Ct has been SO dreary. Soon the sun will come out and the weather will warm up a bit. Then you will be able to go outside - to walk - to exercise - to just soak up the sun. That will help so much. In the mean time - do what you can - don't let it stress you too much - and know it will get better. My prayers are with you.

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Oh Lilly, I so know the feeling about wanting to feel better NOW! Feeling better will come. The body is doing its healing thing and you will feel better in time. Hang in there!


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{{{Lilly}}} When my mom first came from from surgery after an extended stay in the hospital, she felt much like you feel now but as the days turned into the weeks, the progress that she was making suddenly became evident. You are healing...and soon you will see evidence of it. It's okay and natural to have some down days as you are recovering but do not lose hope - your healing is in the works!

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I think you are amazing and an inspiration. I can't relate to what you are going through , only what I have observed in family members after major surgery and that still doesn't measure up to all you have been through. Be patient with yourself and listen to those who can relate. In the meantime, I'm sending lots of prayers your way for a speedy recovery.



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