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Went with my parents today for a Dr. meeting. Last week my dad had an "episode" so to speak. He basically became lethargic - totally non-responsive. Could not hold his head up, put a fork to his mouth, move or anything. Mom took him to ER and then to a different hospital where he was admitted. They did a scan at the first hospital and said he had a sinus infection. At the hospital where he receives his cancer treatment they did a brain MRI, chest scan, etc. Earlier in the week they told mom that it looked like there was another lesion on the brain. Today they said that after further discussion there was no change to what he already had and they lung is basically unchanged as well. Not sure why he had this episode, but he is certainly out of breath very easily (he is not on O2). The Dr thinks he is showing signs of bronchitis (which he had about a month ago). So maybe that didn't clear up. I just wish we knew what had happened. He is on antibiotics, steriods, and albuterol inhaler (in addition to his other inhaler). So we will see where this leads.

Tough week not knowing, relief that this monster has not spread.

Dad told us that he is not going back to the hospital (for admission). So thats going to be a tough one to figure out when/if the time comes that he needs to go back in. I told him that we would take rounds so that someone is always with him to deal with the issues he had this last go around (remote falling, telephone falling, ability to maneuver around the IV lines/pole), couldn't find the nurse call button, on and on he went)

I also told the nurse that she needed to make sure that I was on the list that they could talk to as well as that we will need access to a social worker as things progress (downhill) as my dad is just too angry/verbally abusive when it comes to dealing w life and not getting his way. (He told them that taking a sleeping pill and waiting 20 minutes for it to work was unacceptable - is it? )

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I don't have any clue what might have caused your dad's episode, but I am glad nothing substantial showed up in his scans. It's so hard physically and emotionally to watch our parents suffer and I just wanted to let you know that I am hoping things settle down for you soon!

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I can't help you with advice regarding your dad's episode but I do understand his not wanting to go back to the hospital. I just spent four weeks at the hospital and the nurses in many instances were never around to help the patients. There was a really nice PCA who worked the overnight shift and her and I talked for a long while through tears before she left that day. She told me that she (one person) was responsible for 29 patients. It is ludicrous and someone should do something about it. I wish I had more energy to go after the Health Care System.

Anyhow, I'm sure when it is necessary, your father will go back but make sure you and your family speak up when you don't feel you are getting what you need. This last stay I complained so much that I started off on the 6th floor, then the 5th, then 8West and finally my private room on 9West.


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