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And then we WAIT


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Okay, the radiation to the spine is done for this round. My first Zometa treatment KICKED my rear for a couple of days. Everyone said that Zometa was a snap which shows how different we all react to different treatments. I thought the carbo/taxol was a lot more tolerable than the Zometa. I thank the lord it is only once a month. Not sure when I will be poked, prodded or scanned again. I escaped from my sons house and am now back out in the country with my dog and myself in our own bed. Having cancer is not enough pressure and stress ... so I decided to put my house on the market and see what happens. If I sell it then I will move in closer to the kids or depending on the outcome of my treatments I may move in with them. Time and situations will dictate which path I travel. It is out of my hands and when things are supposed to happen they will. Thanks for letting me ramble a bit. Glad to be back and will never be able to catch up on the posts.


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Judy -

So glad you are back - I missed our e-mail chats!! I have been thinking about you a lot.

You are so right - everyone is so different - Zometa had no effect on me whatsoever!! Sorry you have to go thru this.

As wonderful as it must have been to be "taken care" of by your kids, I am sure that being back at home feels the best.

Email when you have a chance.

Hugs and please relax and enjoy being home - Patti B.

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Sorry about the Zometa, Judy. Thank goodness you were being taken care of. So now you know what to expect and can figure out your plan on just how to best deal with it. BUT I know the feeling of being in your own bed with your doggie!!!!! Love that too!

Good luck with the house. It probably is a good plan to be closer to family. Hope it all turns out just as you wish.


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Hi Judy!

Welcome back home. I'm glad to hear you have that part of the treatment done. Maybe Zometa kicked you so bad because of the radiation and the next time won't be so bad. Let's hope!!

Take care and que sera, sera on all the other issues. You've got the right approach.


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Hi Judy, I don't exactly know where you are at with this treatment. I just wish you the very best outcome. I understand very little that is discussed here. Glad you got to go back home. I have a visitor for a couple days and she has a Pure Breed German Shepherd that looks almost like yours. Beautiful animal.


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Welcome back Judy! Sorry to hear your butt is dragging but hopefully you'll be perking up in a few days. :wink:

I think it's a good idea putting your house on the market. I know how my husband and I worried about my mom, his mom, when they were ill and in there homes. It was a blessing all the way around when they sold there homes. The stress came off of all of us, including our mom's even though they didn't want to admit it. :wink:

I know if I were alone I would sell my home in a heartbeat and move into a townhome. I love my home, but it's to much for me to deal with not being in good health.

But, I sure wish you all the best! What will be, will be!!!!!!! :wink:

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Hi Judy,

Welcome back! Wow you sure had much going on. Glad you finished one month of treatment. I hope next month will be a better one.

Keep us posted on your health, your house, your move etc.

Good luck with everyting.

Thinking of you!

Maryanne :wink:

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