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Col's Brain MRI


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Brain still empty...errrr clean I mean. Good news, always like to get that confirmation, even though we are pretty comfortable that nothing's going on up there...(pun intended).

Better yet...Nuerosurgeon said see you in July....Sweet.

Now the real scanxiety can begin. Will have chest CT and review that March 24th....Oh the waiting...No wander I drink.

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John and Coleen,

Congratulations on the good news! I am awaiting my oncologist appointment in 2 weeks where I'll get to hear the report on my latest CT taken last Monday. If still stable, I will get a break from chemo. This is an exciting prospect for me since I have been on chemo since diagnosis.

I will be joining you in scanxiety - but not until I am sitting in the doctor's office and waiting for him to come in and tell me the results. No sense wasting all this time worrying!

Hope Colleen's CT results are spectacular!

God Bless,


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