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pet ct scan friday at Swedish

Don M

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Guest hearrean


My prayers will be with you and I'm sorry to hear about the depression. You have given me such great suggestions all along as well as uplifting advice, I can only pass some of it back your way & keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

Please keep us all updated.

God Bless,


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Wishing you the BEST scan today - I will be checking this site often so please post as soon as you can.

Sorry to hear about the depression - this d*mn roller coaster ride we are all on is ridiculous. I was so excited last week about my good scan and now I feel like the other shoe is beginning to fall and the darkness is sneaking in.

Hoping for the absolute best for you - you are such an inspiration on this site.

Hugs - Patti B.

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You've got prayers along with everything else I can do to assure a good scan, Don. Dealing with this disease certainly has us dipping into more valleys than reaching the peaks, doesn't it? I struggle myself with trying to keep that veil of doom from creeping across my brain. Lexapro is an excellent solution. I'll be very anxious to hear your results, Don. Some days, like today, I suppose, it does seem difficult to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I hear ya.


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Don I'm praying for some good changes for you. You have been through so many ups and downs no wonder you feel the way you do. But I am glad that you are doing something about it and you are on medication. I pray it helps you.

Everything crossed here for good scans my friend.


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Don, I just want to add my voice to all the wellwishers. I am sending positive thoughts for a great scan. Maurice's depression journey started with lexapro, then cymbalta, then zoloft and finally wellbutrin sr. Wellbutrin did the trick. Good luck & God Bless


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Don ...praying for you for excellents scan's and something that you will be really excited about...and so will we.....keeping everything crossed....You have worked so hard and you deserve the best

Depression is the 'pit's'.Don..I keep my Zanax close at hand....I think I will be taking them forever...they are a crutch for me and I like the quick fix...so go for it Don if it makes you feel better...And I really don't give a hoot if they are addicted.... :-)...gonna take them anyway...

hugs Don......nonni

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