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Getting to Know You - February 22


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I have to admit that I do take my pillow with me when I travel. I always use the excuse that I will use it in the car but I really know, deep down inside, that I always want that pillow with me.

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If I am going somewhere and driving, I always take my pillow with me. I love to use several pillows and theres never enough in the hotel room. Plus, I have one of those "cush" pillows that I just love.

When we flew to Arizona last summer, I did not bring it and I did survive - altho we had a sleep number bed - the best!!!

Patti B.

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Having just gone through this for over two months I have to say I wish. I never have enough room. I ended up shipping things home anyway and it cost a lot to do that. So a pillow was out of the question. There is just no bed nor pillow like your own no matter where you are :!:

I slept in 3 different beds and had 3 different pillows plus sleeping in the seat on the train and the little pillow they give out. That is the one thing I always enjoyed the most when Denis and I were camping. I took both my bed (one of them) and my pillow everywhere.

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