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So much changes


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I missed you guys. So I turn in my Hall Pass.

Two weeks ago I started full time at my job at the Dental Office. Four days a week

seems just perfect. There were just to many hours of unstructured time so this will be very helpful in keeping "things" out of my head for a few more hours.

Monday, one of the guys who worked in the shop Rod supervised was killed in a traffic accident. His Memorial Service last night was standing room only. He was

a good guy. My first thought upon reading about it in the paper was, "Rod has a friend to talk about hunting, cars etc. with". Somehow that was a comfort.

Life is strange...again.


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Hi Barb!! ~~~waving~~~

Good to see you. I've thought about you on many occasions and here you are! :D

Sounds like you are ahead of the game, in my book, with realizing empty hours are bad for us. Good for you! I hope the additional job hours work out well.

I'm also very sorry about Rod's friend. Very sad and opens up raw wounds for you again I'm sure. Such a whacked out crazy world we live in, don't we?

Many welcome hugs,


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