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Iressa/Blood Clots


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I have a very important question and wondering if any of you have information on the topic.

My mom is scheduled to be starting Iressa very soon - she has been hospitalized with blood clots and is having major problems with her veins, so at this point they want to start Iressa to give her body a break. She also has developed pnemonia in her left lung and is recovering from that as well.

After reading few of the posts on the board, I am wondering if Iressa is the right step for her. Have any of you heard about Iressa causing blood clots, or adding to the clotting problem? If so, this is something we really do not need right now. She is scheduled to have an appointment with her oncologist on Monday to begin Iressa. Any helpful/hopeful/hurtful stories on Iressa would be much appreciated at this time.

I currently have no search engine on my computer due to a virus, so I can't do my own research this weekend. PLEASE!! If anyone has anything to share, it would be ever so helpful.

Thank you - Kristy

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In my reading about Iressa blood clots is not a side effect that has ever been mentioned. I just did a quick search and it was not on the list of side effects. The most common are rash, diarhea, and vomiting.

Hopefully it will work well for your mother.

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I hope I am remembering this correctly.... I think Iressa actually is known to cause some thinning of the blood. I seem to recall a few folks on blood thinners having to have their doses of Coumadin/Heparin adjusted and or discontinued ,along with additional PT tests done while they were using Iressa.

This is anectdotal information, folks...not the same thing as a scientific study.

Fay A.

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