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Getting to Know You - February 24


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Does your kitchen have a theme or primary color? For instance...a lot of people decorate their kitchen with an apple theme. Nowadays, it seems that people are even using some really wild colors in their and including all of their small appliances in the same color.

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I would have to say that my primary theme in my kitchen is gingerbread. I have signs, wood hangings, a clock, placemats and key rack that are all gingerbread. But...my canister set is a floral pattern. I'm constantly on the lookout for a gingerbread canister set and someday, I'll find the right one! All of my countertop appliances are white, as are my stove, dishwasher and fridge.

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I have a lot of antiques in the kitchen. I collect McCoy pottery in the aqua and I have lots of that around. I also have the set of hand thrown dishes John made in an antique cabinet. There is a collection of antique tins, old signs, etc. but the coolest thing in the kitchen is the neon sign that says "Restaurant"-- an auction buy for 50 cents.

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I love my kitchen. The theme seems to be autumn leaf pattern (hull pottery) that I've collected over the years; lots of orange, tan and complimenting colors.

I heard the color orange inspires one to eat a lot! My new flooring includes those colors.

Even my gauze curtains have various strains of orange running through them with elephants all over them. That's because my daughter is a zoo keeper. I also have animal themes all over the place.

What can I say - I'm an imac person and have quirky ideas, so I've been told by some.

Timothy P 1938-2004

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