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Getting to Know You - February 25


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Two nicknames.................first is Kasey. I will spare you the LONG version. My initials are K.C. My uncle said (when I was about 2 weeks old) that I should be called K.C. Somehow it evolved to Kasey.

The other was 'four eyes' bestowed upon me by the mean boys in elementary school. I wore glasses from the age of 1. Way back then in the 'Dark Ages' nobody wore glasses. I ws a FREAK! Aren't kids cruel?


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Little bit--not too hard to figure where that came from since I never grew past 4 ft 8 inches. My favorite though was when I was nineteen and working as the secretary to the base finance officer and executive finance officer at Fort Dix. They called me sunshine and even made me a coffee mug with a big sun on it at the base ceramic shop. Wish I still had that mug (I think it got broken in one of our many moves), I'd pick it up and rub it every day to try to recapture that young woman's joy and optomism!

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Let's see. I go by a couple. All my college buddies called me Shamokin, becasue that's the town I was originally from. That stuck pretty good, in fact, I'd bet half the people I went to college with don't even know my real name.

Obiviously there's my initials, JB. A lot of people at work and previous jobs called me that.

And then there's the family nickname, of just calling me Jr., becasue well, Im a junior.

I've been called a lot of other not so nice things, but I don't think they were meant as nicknames.

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Most people always called me Lillian, Sometimes one of my brothers would call me Lil. Johnny almost always called me Lily and now most of my friends call me Lily. When Johnny and I were together he had so many nicknames for me that he used a different one everyday. The one he used most was Mama then Honey Buns. He also called me Darlin and Sweet Jeans and some others that are a little too private to print here :oops:

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My name is Katherine,

I've been called Katy, Katie, Kate, Kathy

Rick calls me Kate.

My parents and siblings always called me Katie/Katy

Old friends call me Kate

New friends call me Katie

When I was in the 7th grade a crass boy gave me a nic-name that last the whole year.

(My maiden name is Dewey)

He would say when I walked by "Mountain DEWEY" a play on the drink "Mountain Dew"

Not too amused by that.

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Dennis almost always called me Annie-Roo. I have no idea why but that was his favorite name for me. Since Dennis is gone, my close friends now call me Annie-Roo...just in memory of Dennis.

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Oh (((Ann))) I'm glad your friends still call you that and you can be reminded of the love Dennis had for you.

Your post reminded me of another nick-name I totally forgot about. I just got it last year from Maurie, Connie B.'s husband. He calls me "Kater-roo"


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Curly in the military.. Are you a 3 Stooges Fan? :lol:

Pooh Bear By Deb :wink:

And YA'll can call me anything you want Just don't call me late for Dinner!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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