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Well thats not what I waited all day and night and day to hear now was it. They will now go onto needle biopsy, brain MRI, bone scan and sees the ONC doc on tuesday. I dont want to wait until tuesday to start anything. Her non treatment prognosis was 6-8 weeks and if we wait till tuesday that is one week less. I know I cant take part in the whole prognosis thing, but until treatment starts it is how I look at it. So most of the tests have been sch just waiting on the biopsy one.

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Tuesday is fine to wait until. Nothing major is going to change in that time frame.

Doing a brain scan and bone scan are all part of the protocol for lung cancer patients. They are trying to find out what KIND of lung cancer you have. I had the CT guided needle biopsy too, many moons ago. You'll do fine. They need to stage you. This is so important to your treatments.

I guess I am a little confused, because at one of your earlier messages you did say your mom has Small Cell Lung Cancer. Now are they saying that's not the case? I think you even said it was a T4???

Maybe you need to wait and get all the correct information here, so we can better help you. Right now we are all second guessing and that's not a good thing.

Either it's Non-small cell, or it's Small Cell lung cancer. They REALLY need to know this so they can determine what kind of treatment will work best for you.

The worst part of all this is the WAITING! WE can ALL relate that that. :wink::wink:

I also think being we aren't sure what kind of cancer your mom has, maybe it's best you post in the General Forum just for now. She's really not dx.d at an EARLY STAGE lung cancer. Early Stage means Stage I or II in the staging of cancer. We'll help to educate you during this journey. :wink:

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