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UPDATE - First meeting with oncologist after all treatments


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Yesterday was the first meeting after all treatments, I companied with my dad & mom to visit the oncologist, surely I asked him a lot of questions and he was very nice to answer me all.

As I mentioned previously, my Dad sometimes has severe dry cough that he couldnt fall into sleep. My Dad took a chest x-ray yesterday and brought to the oncologist, my Dad & mom found that the shadow-like area in his right lung becomes bigger, my Dad is worried about this. He is unhappy with that and hesitated whether he has the recurrent now. Then the oncologist said, he couldn't know at this moment and he has to compare this X-ray with the previous x-rays. But he couldn't compare yesterday because all x-rays were not on his hand yesterday. So he arranged my Dad to come back two weeks later to re-evaluate the situation. I asked the oncologist, is it the Radiation Pnuemonitis, he said it is possible and he is really in the period of the side-effect peak if he was suffered from radiation pneumonitis and he gave "Presidone" and a bottle of another type of cough syrup for him for these 2 weeks. The oncologist said if my dad feels better after taking the "Presidone", then the second week he could take half of the dosage as it does have the side effect such as difficult to fall into sleep.

Today I asked my Dad about whether he feels better after taking one dosage, he told he did feel better and cough less and slight only. But really cannot fall into sleep very well. I asked him if he can only choose one side effect, which one he prefers, he said he wants coughing less even he can't fall into sleep very well...... I do hope that he gets the Radiation Pnuemonitis ONLY!!!!!!!!! Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you.

Moreover, he had the knee pain for a week previously but afterwards, the pain was gone and his bigger knee turned normal now. I also asked the oncologist, he said he seems not like having bone mets because now no pain, no bigger and BONE METS' symptoms always look like, persistent pain in upper body such as arms, shoulders, ribs and pelvics area, seldom come to the legs. This may be a good news for us.

The oncologist also said, no need to have CT Scan & PET scan until this moment. He said they will keep on monitoring my dad. If they found that there is a need to do bone scan or CT scan, they will do it.

NOW, we only hope he gets radiation pnuemonitis only. But not others....But today I comfort my Dad on the phone, and he feels unhappy because he is quite discouraged and he said he can't be cured. I told him don't give up, only do his best and do our best that we will not regret. I told him to treasure every moments we have, don't think and worry too much. But he said to me, he really wants to have more time to argue with me, to hold my hand longer..... :( , I know and I feel that he is really unhappy... :( , I told him not thinking too much and the shadow may be the radiation pnuemonitis and may be the inflammation only.

Please do pray for him. Really appreciate your prayers.

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Barisa, I will be keeping your father and yourself in my thoughts in the coming weeks. I have been on prednisone since my diagnosis in early March. I have tapered off it a few times only to return once again back on it. You inicated that he felt better after one dosage. This is good ! The prednisone will work immediately i know it did for me. There has been alot of discussion here recently on prednisone and if you look for the post by beckyg in the general forum under the heading STEROIDS you will find much usefull info regarding prednisone. Or check out http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/drug ... 01102.html it should answer your questions. I dont know much about Radiation Pnuemonitis but it does sound like this could possibly be the culprit. I am guessing the liquid medicine is a type that contains some sort of either codeine or vicadin or something. This should help your fathers sleep as well as his cough. The only thing troubling to me Berisa is the no CT scan. I understand from your past posts about the differances in medical coverage there in your country compared to here in the states. However, to me a shadow that has appeared or gotten larger is true good reason for a CT scan. You indicate that the shadow has gotten larger but you didnt have the other x-rays to compare to. How do you know the shadow has gotten larger ? As far as your fathers attitude barisa just try to support him as you have been all along you are doing fantastic. It has to be tremendously hard for all of you that are being advocates for us in this fight. I cant imagine. Hopefully it is something like the pneumonitis and it will be treated accordingly. Keep us posted and hang in there barisa like i said before your father is a lucky man to have you fighting on his side.

Best Wishes


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