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My husband has asked me post this query.

1. Has anyone lost their job due to cancer related issues?

2. If you lost your job, did you face discrimination in trying to obtain employment?

3. If you were discriminated against, how did you overcome it?



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It is against the law to be discriminated against for reasons of gender, age, race or disability.

I experienced this first hand after 12 positive years with an employer.

See an attorney. It is against the law.

I settled out of court for much much less than I could have if I had seen it all the way thru. They had much deeper pockets it started taking a financial and emotional toll....so I settled. i feel I did the right thing. I Still feel I was in the right.

Its not an easy course, but my main motivation was to stand up for what was right and make it less likely that it could happen to someone else.

Joe B

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My husband ultimately lost his job. He was off for a few weeks for his thoracotomy recovery in October '06; went back to work and worked steadily through about 7 weeks of chemo; took off a few weeks to finish chemo when the blood counts began to bottom out and side effects became overwhelming; resumed work again for about 9 weeks; stopped to have brain surgery and WBR and recover from that; went back to discuss resuming work in September '07 and was told they really had no further jobs he could do due to his physical limitations. On top of that, and probably more importantly, they gave me one day's notice that his health coverage was discontinuing....it was all very traumatic. He was devastated personally, amd I was scrambling frantically to ensure he and our daughter had continued insurance coverage. I am STILL struggling almost weekly with our new insurance coverage and various other aspects of his losing all benefits with no notice - how to continue his employer held life insurance, dental, 401K, etc etc. I haven't even looked yet at whether his termination was legal. Well, I guess you triggered in me some need to vent! I keep this all away from my husband, but I am still bitter and angry about this.

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I worry about this all the time as well. I specifically need the employer held life insurance and the health insurance coverage for my family of five.

I'm guessing that the reason companies try to find loop holes to get rid of cancer patients is due to the increase in their insurance premiums when a cancer patient is one of their employees.


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