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Getting to Know You - February 28


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Do you usually do your grocery shopping on the same day of the week every week? When you shop, do you use a list or do you just grab and go? Do you try and do a full week's shopping at one time or do you make a trip whenever you need something?

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All of the above, Ann, EXCEPT shopping on the same day of the week. That is unless you count just about EVERY day!!!!! List ~ sometimes. Sometimes it's grab and go. Think it's all taken care of for a week, but NEVER is. So one of us is usually stopping at the local little market most days!!!! We need to get our act together here :roll: !


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I never go on the same day - I try to put it off as long as possible. I usually make a list - and I usually forget it at home!! Lately, my husband has been getting the big, heavy stuff for me when he comes home from on the road on Saturday so I don't have to lug it up the steps. And I have also gotten smart and bag all my non-perishables in separate bags so I can leave them in the car until Nick gets home from school.

Patti B.

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I hate grocery shopping and avoid it at all costs. I have an ongoing list that the kids write on as they notice we need something and I take that to the store or I con my daughter into going for me with the debit card. :lol: I wait until the last minute-- the dog only has one day left before I have to go buy dog food.

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Believe it or not I go to the grocery store the same day, with a list.

I guess I should mention that it's the same day every YEAR, with a list. I go the day before Christmas eve, with a list that includes, shrimp, Crab legs, and clams for my christmas eve seafood extravaganza.

Now you guys know why I look so drunk in the pic Col has of us from christmas eve...that cooking is hard work.

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I am very good for shopping.

I have a list that I always forget on the

fridge magnet.

When I am out,I may stop by the store

without the list and buy a big order so it

will be delivered and forget the essential.

Buy once a year all the paper; toilet, hand

towels,napkings and facial tissues,

have a huge spare room for all that.

Same for cleaning products and soaps.

Forget what is in the pantry or fridge and

end up giving food away.

It is over four years that I cook for one person

and sill buy for two........

But never forget sweets...


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I am with Ry, I hate grocery shopping and will do just about anything to avoid it.

But if I have to go, I do bring a list so I do not have to go back for something I forgot :roll:

Also, as I am always there picking up persriptions for Alan, try and get all done in one trip.

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