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Lung cancer discussion on Nancy Grace show


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Did anyone else see this? I don't usually watch her, though I often scan by with the remote. And I saw last night (or possibly the night before actually) that she had a little thing on about lung cancer, she also had Dana Reeves sister on there giving some stats. Here is a link to the video. The website gives me the impression that this may be on ongoing thing, news on lung cancer and lung cancer survivors, though the segment didn't necessarily give me that impression. But always good to see some press!

http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/bestof ... cancer.cnn

I did a search to see if this was on the board anywhere else and didn't see it. Also wasn't sure what board was appropriate for this, so move it away if it is in the wrong forum. :)

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I'm not a constant fan of Nancy Grace, but as far as content goes, she nailed it on this one. For anyone who's interested, here's the link to make a comment, and mine is below:


Thank you for your powerful report on lung cancer, and especially the important but often overlooked point that former smokers and never smokers get it too. Being diagnosed with the deadliest form of cancer is hard enough without having to deal with a misinformed stigma as well. Bravo, Nancy!



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