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As many of you know, I have no experience with NSCLC...so this story is so interesting to me...

The sister of my neighbor and good friend was diagnosed with pneumonia in November, and through a CT in January was diagnosed with "cancer" of some kind. She had to do a "blow" test (which I know nothing about) followed by a PET. The PET lit up at the tumor and then at two of the lymph nodes.

They have been dealing with this for months now, and even this week, with the biopsy on Monday morning, the doc didn't call her until after hours on Wednesday night...and gave her the number of a surgeon she should call (didn't call himself)...he told her that he didn't know if the lymph nodes were cancer or not, but that it would be a good idea to call the surgeon.

So...today, FINALLY she was able to get ahold of the surgeon, who knew NOTHING of her story, and hadn't been updated by that original doc.

Urgh.....this is taking forever. Have any of you saught treatment around the Denver area? Do you have any recommendations? We were so, so fortunate at Mayo, and I think I might be spoiled at their treatment, organization, and overlapping care.

Upon hearing this story, I thought right away that she should get a second opinion. I want to be sure she has a doc who is prepared to fight this beast, rather than one who is content to say, "Oh booger, you have lung cancer...doesn't look good. That is too bad." We all know there are docs out there who don't fight extra hard, and we also know we have to be advocates for our own health care.

Please...any recommendations or ideas? This family is a wonderful, wonderful family, who like many of us do NOT deserve to have to deal with this horrid disease.

As always, blessings to you all...


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I have been lurking and just registered, so I have not even had a chance to fill out a profile. We are in Colorado Springs which is a little over an hour away from Denver, but may be worth the drive if she can be seen as quickly as my dad was. He had an appt to get the results from his CT scan with his PCP on Monday Oct 3rd. They called and referred him to the lung nodule clinic at Memorial Hospital while we were sitting there and he went to see the pulmonologist there a couple hours later. His PCP said they typically get people in within a day or two as a policy and that they are very efficient. They had the bronchoscopy scheduled for Wednesday morning. We got the biopsy results really quickly and they scheduled a PET scan and an appointment with the surgeon (which was later cancelled as they weren't going to recommend surgery) and he was seen by the oncologist at the area Rocky Mountain Cancer Center on October 15th. He had a port inserted and received his first treatment by the end of the month. I guess I am in shock that people are not pushed through this process faster because that seemed like an eternity and they were really proactive. Here is a link for the cancer center website as they have a couple of centers in Denver: http://www.rockymountaincancercenters.com/

Some information on the Lung Nodule Clinic:

http://www.memorialhospital.com/wps/wcm ... +Treatment

Unfortunately I can't find further information on the Lung Nodule Clinic and I thought they had their own webpage.

I hope that is a bit helpful. I guess I better go get my profile information and introduce myself properly.

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