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Mum with SCLC


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Hey all, ive just found you guys and iam so glad i have,becasue ive been feeling so alone.

My mum was diagnosed with SCLC on the 12/2/08 after having a chest x-ray, bronchoscopy and CT scan all within 2 weeks before the diagnosis.

altough it was in the back of all of our minds, as my grandad/my mums dad died of lung cancer aged 68, which was about 20 years ago, as i was about 4,and am now nearly 24. and she is a heavy smoker for the last 45 years since she was 15, we all knew it could be a possibility, but after being reassured it was prob just phneumonia by the respitory consulatant after the chest x-ray,we all though no more of it, untill the worst happened.

i was with my mum when we got the news and all i wanted to do was be sick, but i couldnt stop myself from crying, and that was all i did the rest of that day, but since then i havent cried at all, which worries me as iam a very emotional girl.

i reakon it just hasnt sunk in and it will hit me prob once weve seen the oncologist on tuesday and know wether she can have the treatment they want to do or not!

iam so scared though that he will tell us her lungs cant cope with it and so they cant do it, and that we wont have much time left.

iam nowhere near ready to lose my mum yet.

i want her to see me have a baby,get married yet,i still need her for so much.

i just feel so angry and so numb, but also really emotional, i just want to have a goo cry and let out all that iam feeling but i just cant.

iam so worried about whats to come and if i can cope with looking after her and everything, i dont want to let her down at all.

i hope to get to know people who have been through this or are going through it and we can try to help eachother through this terrible time.

take care



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Hello Allie and welcome

I am so sorry about your Mum's cancer but very glad you found this board and have joined us.

Please continue to post and keep us informed of your Mum's treatment plan and how she AND YOU are doing. We are all here to help you through this and there are many, many wonderful people here who will be able to give you advice and information as well as support and hope as you go along.



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Hi Allie,

I am just on my way out but wanted to say how sorry I am to hear of your dear mums diagnosis.

I know exactly how you are feeling as I was just the same at the beginning with my mum.You are in shock - some days you will feel numb and others weepy, some a bit more hopeful. All in all, up and down.

You have come to a great site here with wonderful people to help you.

Keep in touch!

God bless


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Hey thank you for the warm welcome, iam glad i can come here and talk to all of you that have been or going through this, it really helps to talk to people who know how iam feeling, none of my friends have been much use with me, they dont really know how to handle this.

i will keep you informed with what happens along the way.

iam really nervous about the first oncologist app tommorow, but iam sure it will be fine.

Speak to you Tommorow

Take care



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Allie: So sorry to hear about your mum. I'll be keeping you both in my thoughts tomorrow.

If you've cried once, you'll cry again. I'm the one in my family with cancer and there was a time I didn't cry easily. I find now that it happens spontaneous and periodically--mostly after I've heard yet again something I don't want to hear. As long as you stay open to the feeling, it will come in good time.

Take care and stay in touch with the board.

Judy in Key West

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hey, so it went okay, mum has to have a PET scan done,to see wether the cancer has spread at all, and a kidney test to see if her kidneys can handle the chemo they want to give her, aswell they also want her to have radiotherapy.

it will be 4 cycles of chemo at 21 day intervals,she would have to stay over night for that and 3 cycles of radio, each cycle would be 5 days long and they will do all 3 at once with the weekends as a break.

we have to wait for the reults of the pet scan to know how advanced and how long she could have left.

but she has agreed to have the treatment.

it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be, he was a very nice man,good bedside manner.

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Hi Allie and welcome.

Please read my Moms profile below-She is going on 18 months since DX-it can be beat-there are long term survivors on this site and many others out there...


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My husband, Michael, was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and staged as limited in June 2005, he wrote about his experiences on a website called http://www.johnnytherazor.co.uk, it may help you to read this. Michael had 4 sessions of chemo and 25 radiotherapy sessions and has had clear scans with no evidence of disease for almost three years.

My thoughts are with you, if I can be of any further help just ask, it is a very difficult time but you have a community of support via this site.

virtual hugs from another Brit!


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HI Allie, I just wanted to tell you that my mom just finished her 6th round of chemo and there is no cancer to be seen! She had 2 rounds of cystplatin and episitope (sp) and 4 rounds of carboplatin and episitope. (3days in a row then 3-4 weeks off depending) Plus 7 weeks of radiation. She had some rough days, but she got through it. We are all so proud of her.

She had a 3 inch tumor on her right lung. Small cell Lung cancer. Limited. SHe is going to have PCI (preventative brain radiation ) starting monday. Just to be sure it doesn't spread to the brain, which it loves to do.

We are all very hopeful and you should be too. She can beat this. If my mom did, your mom can. I am glad they are keeping her in the hospital for that first round, it's a hard thing to do at home alone. She will need lots of fluids and anti-nausea meds. But you'll see. In 4-6 months you will be here telling someone about how well your mom did. Keep a positive outlook. It will help your mom do this.


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"AllieTaylor23" ...we have to wait for the reults of the pet scan to know how advanced and how long she could have left.

but she has agreed to have the treatment.

Allie, I just wanted to say that any prognosis figures they may give you are averages (medians) for a very large number of people who got a similar diagnosis at some time in the past, and there's a great variance from one person to another. Many doctors are very hesitant to give this "information" because it is not directly relevant for any one individual. There are always some on the winning side of even the worst statistics.

Best wishes and Aloha,


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