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Hi Bob,

Welcome, so sorry that you needed to find us, but glad that you did. This site is a great place for support and hope.

You sound as if you have a positive attitude going in, which is a good thing. I will say an extra prayer for you on Tuesday. God bless you.


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Bob, I didn't have small cell, but I did have Cisplatin(same family as Carboplat) and Etoposide (VP-16). I had very few side effects from them. I also did radiation with my chemo's too. None the less, I know of a others that had the same coctails and they too had few side effects. I felt some nausea for the first few days and that was it. It was clear sailing after that. :wink:

I'll hope for the same for you! Stay positive and keep us posted.

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Hi, Bob, welcome to the group! My first chemo session was also on a Tuesday, 10/3/06. I was maybe a little apprehensive, and while I was reading email before leaving for the clinic our 35-year-old son came in and gave me the biggest hug. That was very uncharacteristic of him and quite a shock, and later that afternoon he was happy to hear that I'd breezed through the session with no problems. My biggest complaint was that my chemo combination required me to stay hooked up for more than 6 hours, and I didn't have much to do except roll my unwieldy IV stand down the hall to the restroom, which at my age I had to do somethng like 5 times. So 3 weeks later, just after I got hooked up to the IV, he popped into the clinic and presented me with a brand new portable DVD player complete with discs of a favorite TV series. So good things can happen on chemo day!

Sure, you'll have some side effects starting a day or so after the session, but most clinics go to great lengths to make the infusions a pleasant experience. Let us know how it goes. Aloha,


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