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Its seems to be everywhere


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Just spoke to our neighbor today. He has Lc in both lungs and adrenal glands. He is a very very nice man with a 7 year old little boy. I am just asking for everyones prayers.

It is quite unbelievable that there is no-one I have ever spoken with that hasn't had a family member or a close friend have lung cancer. I hate this disease.

Thanks for your prayers

Rick :(

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Thanks for everyones postings.. I am worried about him as he is what you would call a closet lung cancer person. He listens to what I have to offer but then closes the door and nothing more happens. I really am worried about his mental well being and so on..

Fay A. (hello by the way), I have told him and his wife of our site and our wonderful family here and hopefully one day they will come aboard. It is not healthy to keep this all bottled up and I think that is what is happening...

Thanks Guys


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I am praying for your neighbor and his family. You don't want to be intrusive and you also don't want to see him suffer mentally. Rick, praying that you and Katie will be able to get through to him. He really needs us here on this forum. God be with him and help him to understand the need for support. We have all been tramatized by the "C" diagnosis and we all know what he is going through...

God Bless all of us,


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