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I have to tell you a story about someone I don't even know.

For a few years now I have gone to an antique shop every Saturday morning run by an older woman in her 70's. Her husband is 80ish. There is a group of about 6 of us that show up before the official opening time and have coffee and fight over all the new stuff (she's only open Saturdays so it's a rush to beat the others there for the new stuff). Anyway, she always tells us what she's been up to through the week.

Today she told us she had been to Earl's funeral. She has been telling us stories about this man (a school friend of her husband) for the last couple of years. At first, she told about going to his wedding. At almost 80 years old he had met someone and was getting married for the first time. The bride was much younger, also her first marriage.

Several months later she told us he was expecting a child. Later she told us a hilarious story of attending the little boys bris (not being Jewish she didn't know what she was going to till she got there).

Today she told us she had attended his funeral. He had gotten ill and due to several complications had died. His business partner gave the eulogy. After he spoke the wife got up holding the baby, and talked about how Earl had put their son to bed every night. She said they would go in and he would kiss the baby 3 times and then say, "thank you for coming".

She then walked over and kissed her husband 3 times and said, "thank you for coming".

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