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Gratitude - March 4th 2008


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Good morning,

Dull day

rain all day

dark skies

and slippery ground,

everything to make a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!


To see a young couple

loving each other

is no wonder; but to

see an old couple

loving each other is

the best sight of all.

(William Makepeace Thackeray)


Blessed are those who can

give without remembering,

and take without forgetting.

(Elizabeth Bibesco)


Have a good day,


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It's the same dull type of day here too, Jackie.

The reference to young vs. old couple reminds me of a commercial that ran for a while. I believe it was for a diamond ring????? A young couple is walking through a park and come upon an old couple doing the same. The old couple is smiling and holding hands. When the young couple overtakes them, the young woman looks back with a meaningful look and then the young couple join hands as well. Sometimes the young CAN learn from the old, huh?

And I NEED to reminded about the giving and taking. That is hard for me sometimes. So thanks for the reminder.


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Today I am grateful for my wonderful son. He surprised me with a birthday gift when I got home last night. He is really turning into a nice young man. When people complement him he says it's because he had a good father.

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