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Yucky Scan Results


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Hi Everyone,

I don't post very often, but do read a lot about you all and am very inspired by your strength and courage.

I had a CT & PET last Thursday. They were watching 2 new nodules & a lymph node found on my 12/20/07 CT. Not good news. In 10 weeks they have grown in size from 6 & 8mm to over 2.8 cm, and there are more new nodules as well. Some lite up on the PET as did a lymph node. I am scheduled for a fine needle biopsy on Thursday to be sure of what they are dealing with.

To say I am surprised is putting it mildly. Ten months ago I was told I had a 90 some percent chance of a cure and now it looks like it is metastatic disease. On March 13 I will find out what they restage it to and what treatment is recommended. From what I have read it looks like it may be restaged to stage 3.

No one wants chemo, but I am extrememly sensitive to medications and this worries me. I deal with an anxiety disorder and I want to keep that in check as well.

Will let you know what I hear next week. I know I am going to need advice.


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I am sorry you've had a set back. I hope they can find a drug that will work for you and kill those buggers that have cropped up. There are many chemos now that seem to be kinder to the system. I hope all goes well.

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I am sorry to read of your bad news Barb. I have been dealing with anxiety too. I keep a stash of xanax on hand now for the rough spots. I also am on lexapro and it seems to be working. I have 8 nodules that they are watching plus a big arse tumor.

Don m

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Thanks to everyone for all your support, prayers and words of encouragment. I had my needle biopsy today. The radiologist was a walking angel. She spent a lot of time getting as much information from me about my lungs as she could. She went in and got 5 (ouch) good samples and said that preliminary slides show no evidence of malignancy. YEAH!!!

I will get the final report on Thursday. I am much relieved, though I realize they may still recommend treatment because of the other nodules and nodes.

For now, I will relax a bit and give Thanks to God for some good news.

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