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Starting Gemzar


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Dad took a month off to get "clean" in order to try a new clinical trial after the last one didn't work. Unfortunately the trial he most interested in doesn't know when they will be able to get him started. So, after having a couple of days of coughing up blood, a couple of weeks of terrible coughing fits, etc., he has decided to go with the Gemzar and see how that goes. He had his first infusion today. His oncologist was very honest with him that he cannot "cure" him but try to give him some stability and quality of life. Right now, it just seems like he is going downhill fast. He is really down, can't do much and I think is starting to face some end of life issues. He said he's not ready to stop fighting and wants to see how this goes. I have a new little nephew due to come into the world at the end of the month. We are hoping he will be well enough to take a trip up to New York and meet his newest grandson. Its been a rough couple of weeks around here. Just trying to keep my chin up and enjoy any time we have with my dad. Sorry to be such a bummer tonight. Wish I had more happy and upbeat news to share.


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Ah Tammy, sometimes it just cannot be expected that that we remain happy and upbeat all the time at all cost. The nature of the fight just naturally means there will be down times. This has been a long journey for all of you and it's just got to take its toll.

Please convey to mom and dad (Fred and my new good friends) that we are thinking of them and praying real hard. Let's remain hopeful that the Gemzar can knock this sucker back a bit. That will remain our focus.

Sorry it's such a rough go of it for everybody right now. Remember we are always here for you.


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Sorry to hear this latest setback. Your Dad is a tough soldier, as you are, but there are times where the grind really gets you down. I understand. He'll regroup. I hope the Gemzar does the trick and chases the beast back again. It's quite gentle, so hopefully he'll start to feel better once it grabs hold and shakes that cancer up again.



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As a cancer survivor, I can tell you that there are times that we just feel down and wonder if this is all worth it. Then we get back on our feet and start fighting again and it seems like he's a fighter. He probably is just caught on the downhill track of this d*amn roller coaster ride we are all on and soon will be on the upward track again. I hope so!!

Know we are all thinking of the both of you.

What a wonderful daughter you are to him!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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I hope the Gemzar helps to get your father feeling a little more stable and strong. I can certainly understand that someone who has fought as long and as hard as your father would have some ups and downs. I'll be praying he is on the upswing very soon.


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