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Getting to Know You - March 4


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I am definitely NOT a coffee person. I have never been able to acquire the taste for coffee. I like coffee flavored candy and I like some of the coffee drinks that have LOTS of flavoring! In the morning, I sometimes drink juice but I usually have a diet soda (Pepsi) to get me going. When I was with Target, I started my morning with a Mountain Dew. Then, when I decided to diet, I started getting terrible headaches and finally found out they were from caffine withdrawal. I had to ease myself off the Mountian Dew in the morning...lol!

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We have a timer on our coffee put. Set for 7:30. It nice and brewed when we get up. It's much easier making it before we go up at night, then it is in the morning.

It's so nice that's its made to jump start my day.

Maryanne :wink:

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I just finished setting my pot up for the morning coffee tomorrow. I don't think I can wake up without coffee. I want regular coffee in the morning with creamer (powdered) no sugar.

Like Ry in the afternoon I switch to tea or sometimes I make a pot or a cup of flavored coffee. For a real treat I like a cup of Chia Latte in the afternoon.

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For 43 years my coffee was ready for me

first thing in the morning, for a man

that only drank tea, Mike made a mean


Still make it but not as good.

I switch to tonic water in the evening

for the quinine in it, helps prevent

leg cramps.


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Love my morning coffee! I keep reheating it in the microwave - takes me a few hours to get through one cup. Then that's it for the day unless I have an important meeting at night that I need to be awake for. :)

Timothy P 1938-2004

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