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Hormone users face new cancer risks years later

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Boy Connie. After I was diagnosed and started Chemo I had instant menopause , flash, flash, flash.

I was given hormones for relief. Within a year my sister got breast cancer and since my grandmothers died of breast cancer and I DID NOT WANT ANY MORE CANCER - I quit them.

Reading this how glad I am! I never knew or suspected that they could give me a higher risk for more lung cancer too!

No wonder the ad is on TV for us to call this lawyer if we got cancer and ever took hormones, that he would sue for us!


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Sadly enough I DID take HRT a few years after I completed my Chemo and Radiation Treatments. My ONC Doc and my OBGYN. BOTH said I could take them in a low dose and they wouldn't be harmful to me. :shock::shock:

I was not happy when I read this artcile about LC and Hormone treatments! I was on HRT for about 5 or 6 years. I went off it about 4 years ago. I wonder if that has anything to do with the DREADED NODULES I HAVE NOW and have had for the last 4+ years?

I'm GLAD you went off HRT Donna when you did! :roll::wink:

It's always SOMETHING!!!!!!!! :roll::roll:

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I don't think so, Katie. Without re-reading the article, I think they were referring to estrogen and progesterine (sp?), the drugs commonly prescribed to treat hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. They are a no, no, at least on long term for anyone who has ever had breast cancer, but now are linked to increased incidence of lung tumors.

The treatment for underactive thyroid issues is levothyroxine, a generic for synthroid. I take that in small doses, and I don't think that's involved with this study at all(at least I certainly hope not).


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