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Meet Ned's New Girlfriend


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Isn't she beautiful? Not speaking of the human -- that's my daughter visiting from Florida, not bad looking herself -- but our 2-year old golden retriever Rosie, who we got just today. What a stroke of luck that was! One of her sisters lives three houses up the cul-de-sac and another sister lives two blocks down the street.



Aloha from Ned, the Happy Camper.

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is beautiful and I'm sure will

take a good place in your life.

Daughter also very nice, she already

has a place in your life.

Yes, we never forget thos dogs that

gave us love.

Miss my gang, but still recall each

day those memories.

Ned, I met my husband Mike because of

my spoiled dog BeeBee, he was in love

with the dog and I was the owner....

so now no dog and no Mike.

Happy for you


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I saw this and Went :shock: What would Mrs Ned Say?!?!?!?!? :oops: You all look so great together Ned!!!!Here is to a wonderful visit from Florida also!!!!!

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Oh Ned, your 'girls' are beautiful indeed! Great shot of you as well......beautiful spirit! Florida is a LONG way from Hawaii, man, hope you get lots of visit time!

Give Rosie a big ole scratch on the ears from me!


PS: Once again......Teddy is in LOVE :wink: !

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Rosie looks so sweet! I bet she is potty trained and out of the chew everything up stage too!

I hope your Hannah is happy in the great friend dog park in the sky. I am sure she would like my dogs that are there, Rex ( German Shepard) Baron (a Rat Terrier) Rusty ( Airedale Terrier) Kenoe ( Siberian Husky) and Mitch ( Standard Collie) .

When I go to my local dog park with my Rocky and Sally ( Border Collie mixes) I see the other breeds and always remember my old friends.


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Your Daughter and Rosie are two beautiful looking girls.

Good luck with Rosie I could that smile on your face. This is just what you need. A visit your your daughter and a new companion. :D:wink:

Maryanne :wink:

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Beautiful! Rosie is absolutely gorgeous. Love her smile, too. If it weren't for our Golden's trip to the vet some years ago, I'm sure he'd be in love with her, too. :lol:

Now, tell us the story of how you found Rosie. And then, if you could, take a look at that picture with Hannah and explain the little Golden on the left side of the pic.

Hope your daughter stays a long time. You both look great.


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Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. It's good to see you, your daugter and your dog. I love Golden's . My last dog, Ginger, was a Golden. There was never a more lovable dog. Had to have her put down 9 years ago and I still miss her terribly. Your baby is so so beautiful.


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Beautiful Daughter and Beautiful Rosie. Thanks for sending the link. You know how I feel about Golden's from our pm's and my avatar. :)

Keep me posted on her progress with adapting to her new home and how you are doing.

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