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Getting to Know You - March 5


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If your doctor had just diagnosed you with a disease, such as Alzheimers, and had told you that you would only be able to remember 1 year of your life....what year would that be and why?

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This is a tough one and I asked the question. This topic came up last night at a friends house when we were discussing a friend that has just been diagnosed.

I suppose I would want to remember the past year of my life, not because it has been the best but because the people I remember from this year would be my caregivers. I would know their faces and know who they are. I can only imagine how terrifying it must be to be surrounded by people that you have no idea who they are or how they "fit" into your life.

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Toss up......1983 or 1984. In 1983 I had both my mother and dad and the man of my dreams was in my life (Fred) and had my health. 1984....still had my mother and then the same as 1983. It could not have been any better than that.


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This is a hard one - I kinda agree with Colleen - either Nicks first year or this last year with him.

He has matured and grown up so much this last year and he is such a great kid - BUT - I don't know if all I would want to remember is the guilt I sometimes feel for what he has had to go through this past year with me being sick. :(

Whichever one - I just want to remember him!!!

Patti B.

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