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Question about Chemo


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"wycasbob" ...How do they determine what results the Chemo is having. Is that from the blood work?

Typically by doing a CT scan after several weeks of treatment and comparing that scan with one that was taken before treatment started. Blood tests will reveal how well your red and white blood counts and other numbers are holding up to the chemo, and while some oncologists do order tests for certain tumor "markers" in the blood, there's no general agreement on their usefulness. See this article by Dr. West at onctalk.com:




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HI I just wanted to wish you luck. My mom just finished her 6th round of chemo and has come out clean. No more cancer for now.

SHe had a rough first round, but did pretty good considering. The chemo was a bit strong for her, she was having numbness in her fingers, low wbc count and her scalp was "burned". After her second round of the cystplatin, they changed her to carboplatin, which was alot better. (seemed like every other round was 'bad')

Some people handle the chemo surprisingly well, and other end up in the hospital for fluids and pain meds. My mom's lowest wbc count was a 2, and she went through a round of shots to boost it back up. (after round one).

But she never got "sick" (like flu or colds). She was just nausous, and had a bad taste in her mouth. And of course, tired and achey. SHe cried a few times that she didn't want to do it anymore, but she pushed through. I think that first round was the hardest, then she really sailed through it. We were very surprised how well she did.

I wish you the best of luck. Hang in there. You can beat this thing. Keep your fluids up and get rest.

Take Care!


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Hi Connie,

Thank you for encouragement. I will have 2nd roung April 1,2,3.I hope to have the same non reaction.lol I do drink lots of water and coffee.I rest at times,mainly due to Rheumatoid Arthritis.I almost look forward to starting the 2nd round.lol Take care


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