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Hello, I am Betty's daughter,Karen. I am hoping this site will enable my Mom to connect with other people who are dealing with lung cancer.Recently diagnosed,my mother who is 78 has not started treatment as of yet. We are awaiting the result from her biopsy,which appears at this point, to be small cell cancer.Her PET scan is on Monday. Treatment will likely follow. We appreciate any and all advice and information that will empower us at this time. We also ask for your Prayers and positive thoughts. Thank you Karen

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I know how frightening this time is for you and your mom. My mom was only diagnosed the first of January.

You have definitely come to the right place, though. I just joined here myself, but I know how much support and love everyone here has for one another. I lurked for a long time before I joined. :)

Best of luck to you and your mom. I'll be thinking of you and praying for the very best.


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Hello and welcome. I am also in early stages here. My mom was diagnosed on 2/21 and we are still waiting for type. She has had two inconclusive biopsys and are now waiting for the next step. I have felt wonderful support from this community already and am so glad I found it. I am sure you will agree.

My thoughts are with you and your mom.

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Thank you Haysha and Robbie for responding so quickly to my post. It is comfoting to be in a forum where people understand exactly how I feel...I am not alone in this, nor are you both along with the thousands who have found this site. I am in so much pain, emotionally, I can't stand being in my own skin. My mother is my best friend.Never have I experienced so much anxiety and fear.I honestly can't imagine life without her in it. I knew that I would have to face this one day but never thought it would be like this. My prayer is that she will be stong enough to go through treatment to give us more time. Thank you for your Prayers I am also with you and will pray for your moms as well!


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