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lymphangitic spread


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Dear Hopeful-

Altho I cannot answer your specific question, I can tell you that you should not consider that your prognosis is poor.

Please read the profiles of some of the people on these boards. You will be amazed at the amount of people who have far outlived their supposed "timeline" and are doing well.

Hang in there and fight like hell. Never, NEVER, give up!! If you need someone to talk to, please PM me. I will be there for you.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Dear Hopeful, I have a huge favor to ask you first. Could you please take minute and fill in your PROFILE for us. It's at the top of the page, and click on MY PROFILE then scroll down the page to SIGNATURE and fill in your diagnosis date, type of lung cancer, stage, treatments, just look at my Profile or others to get an idea how to fill it out.

Now, having said all that, and oh the reason I ask you to fill out your Profile is we don't always remember what kind of cancer you have or what stage or treatments you may have had. It's very helpful for us to help you is we can see your Profile.

I'm here to tell you this is a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs on this journey. We have good results we have bad results we have good results again, and so on and so on. I totally understand what your saying. This is a horrible disease, BUT I also know it is beatable. People have been down and out and have come back to beat this monster. So, I agree 120% with Patti in that you NEVER NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! As long as the doctor's are giving you options and choice's then this journey isn't over for you. It's just part of the ride. Some people have to try a few different kinds of chemo's before they fine the right one that works!

Let us know how your doing. You'll find more then enough support here not to mention some wonderful information that can help you on this journey.

Stay with us, we totally understand.

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