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Relay for Life


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Do you guys participate in your local Relay for Life? I've heard that the ACS doesn't distribute the funds fairly--especially where lung cancer is concerned and I'm curious to this group's views on that.

We have a big team at work and they helped Mom and I out during her illness. I'm torn about helping them this year.

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I'll be curious to hear folks take too, as I've learned a lot from this group about these sorts of things.

My friends and I did the relay for life for many years, until the military transferred so many that my team was reduced to very few. We raised a lot of money and certainly had a lot of fun. But I've not done it for a while.

Last year we directed our fundraising to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, for a number of reasons. But thanks to this board I became more aware of my need to donate specifically to LC fundraisers. Which is why I love when folks on the board let us know they are doing fundraisers, then I get the chance to put a little money to a great, personal cause and help out the folks raising the money as well! (So keep that info coming everyone). I also have a program through work where we can donate via our paychecks and this year I made sure to look for anything lung cancer specific.

So many worthy causes, so little paycheck. :wink:

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We participate and Marilyn, my wife, is a team captain for the event.

The complainers apparently do not understand why there is no "fund sharing" with the relay. It is not a benefit event for local cancer patients. Relay for Life collects money for research which is sent directly to the American Cancer Society for the benefit of all.

Some people are just not natural givers and come up with excuses like this. We have some others in our community who think it should be like the Red Cross and also refuse to support us.

We prefer the money goes to research as it is currently. Our daughter has had breast cancer and a lumpectomy and my lung cancer is currently being treated with at least two drugs which were originally developed for breast cancer treatment. The beauty of the research we've benefited from is that the drugs don't care who you are or what you have. If they are effective you can use them.


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I know they have a lot of good programs, etc. However, I haven't been supporting the ACS lately because they don't equitably provide for lung cancer patients. I met with the local office about my foundation and wanting to start a support group. They were unwilling to help me with space, training, etc. They gave me some of their marketing literature and a book. They then started referring all of the LC patients/family members to me...got them off the hook. So I'm not a big supporter.

We walk in a local walk that provides screening and educational materials to uninsured/under-insured people in our area.

In October our foundation is going to have a bass fishing tournament and Univ. of TN football tailgate party. These proceeds will be used to help LC patients/families directly in this area.

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I have heard that not much goes to lung cancer research, so I don't give or get as involved as I used to. That said, I do support people who participate and I do attend them sometimes and help out when I can. When I am there I do my best to wear lung cancer t-shirts and let people know about LCSC. Usually they are great events and so emotional.

The year my mom was first diagnosed I felt helpless and went all out being on the event committees and being in charge of a few things for two Relays for Life. It was A LOT of work. If I had to do it all over, I would prefer to spend my time on an event where all the money goes to research, so I don't do a fundraiser or get on committees for Relay for Life anymore.

Bottom line, I like the Relays for Life, they are fun, I would defintely go and donate to friends who do them. However I save asking for money for things that go direclty to research.

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I just donated to a friend's Relay and the on-line receipt gave the following information on how funds are spent:

How the Money is Spent

Your donations enables the American Cancer Society to fund cutting-edge research, provide up-to-date cancer information and education, advocate for all people to have access to critical cancer screenings and follow-up care, and offer free programs to improve the quality of life ofr patients and their families.

Nationwide Program Support- 40%

Research: over $16 million reallocated to CA research institutions

Patient support and education programs: to be used in local communities in CA and the US

Supporting services: to administer the research and program activities

California Mission Delivery Programs- 35%

Patient Support-14%

Prevention/risk reduction- 12%

Detection/treatment- 9%

Fundraising- 21%

Management and General- 4%

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